LAWGLatin America Working Group
LAWGLouisiana Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
LAWGLive Action War Games
LAWGLunar Architecture Working Group
LAWGLocal Area Working Group (various organizations)
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With increased representation, the LAWG boasted more than 100 attendees from 39 commands.
The key takeaway from this LAWG as that there are a number of common challenges that NSW, Navy, and the Joint Special Operations Forces (SOF) logistics community face.
Activists working within LAWG would identify swing voters and attempt to mobilize people in their district to lobby the member of Congress.
The State Department declares that the program has led to a total reduction of 33 percent of coca and poppy in Colombia, but LAWG is quick to point out that trends throughout the entire Andean region show that production has remained stable over the past 15 years, and even U.
LAWG was established in 2010 by the important American pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies present in Romania
However, LAWG urges readers to "please buy from the author if you can; Amazon keeps 55% of the book price, thereby reducing proceeds available to support the Cuba work of Latin America Working Group Education Fund.
In fact, LAWG and other non-profits seeking an end to the embargo are bound by federal restrictions on their political activities--although their opponents accuse them of violating that by lobbying Congress, and LAWG's own website boasts of its "relationships on Capitol Hill.
LAWG is not alone in its efforts to end the travel ban.
From my vantage point, LAWG is a respected contributor to the debate on how to move U.
Details: Mavis Anderson or Philip Schmidt, LAWG, Washington.
Details: Mavis Anderson, Senior Associate, LAWG, 110 Maryland Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002.
In an e-mail asking supporters to contribute at least $50 to the cause, LAWG said: "Maintaining this e-mail network is part of LAWG's work to change U.