LAWGLatin America Working Group
LAWGLouisiana Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
LAWGLive Action War Games
LAWGLunar Architecture Working Group
LAWGLocal Area Working Group (various organizations)
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Jonathan Haynes sought to expand this year's LAWG to cover topics involving "Big L" (logistics) and to include participants from U.S.
According to one activist working with an advocacy group, "the main goal of getting a better vote on the McGovern amendments, and making sure that the vote was seen as a message to the Colombian government, to the paramilitaries and to the military, to clean up their act." Activists working within LAWG would identify swing voters and attempt to mobilize people in their district to lobby the member of Congress.
Marsh asserts that while LAWG supports the end goal of reducing cocaine availability in the United States, it opposes the extreme method by which this is being done.
"Inspector General's Report on Army Manuals a Feeble Response; What the Recently Declassified Manuals Contain." Washington, D.C.: LAWG.
Organizations as diverse as Oxfam, the Latin American Working Group (LAWG - a research and solidarity group in Toronto), NAC (the National Action Committee on the Status of Women), and, of course, the Action Canada Network have identified global economic restructing as a process affecting both Canada and the South.
if these Latin American states were to restore their purchasing power to the same level as before the crisis, about 200,000 jobs would be created in Canada" (LAWG #45, January 1991, pp 18-19).
policy on Cuba: the Center for International Policy (CIP), Latin America Working Group (LAWG) and Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA).
Other meetings hosted by the ISC include the Logistics Concept Implementation Committee (LCIC), the Logistics Assessment Working Group (LAWG), and the Logistics General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC).
(2) Para las criticas al enfoque de Plan Colombia ver: (Varios 2003; LAWG 2005;Accion Social 2006).
Terminology as used in Table I was developed for diagnostic and evolutionary studies of dicot leaves (Hickey, 1979) and extended to net-veined monocots (LAWG, 1999).