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LAWLLaughing A Whole Lot
LAWLLive a Whole Life (fan page)
LAWLLaughing All Wale Like (chat slang)
LAWLLaughing at Who's Laughing
LAWL[not an acronym] LOL (Laughing Out Loud) spoken aloud
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Fox brought his domestic expertise to the team, while Pearlman and Lawl carried the finances.
[W]here power of choice [between state and federal lawl exists, what are the criteria for its exercise; under what circumstances should a federal substantive rule be prescribed, and when should state law be incorporated?(1)
Under the Rice Tariffication Lawl, an initial budget of P10 billion should automatically be injected to RCEF, which is where all the tariff to be collected from all the imported rice set to enter the country under a liberalized regime should go.