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LAWNLocal Area Wireless Network
LAWNLoyola Anti-War Network (Chicago, IL)
LAWNLeague of Artists of Western Newfoundland (Canada)
LAWNLondon Alliance West and North (England, UK)
LAWNLTER (Long Term Ecological Research) Automatic Weather Network (meteorology)
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Dead to the outer world, as if she lay already in her grave--insensible to touch, insensible to sound, motionless as stone, cold as stone--Clara stands on the moonlit lawn, facing the seaward view.
But as he stood on the Beaufort verandah and looked out on the brightly peopled lawn it came home to him with a shiver that he was not going to like it at all.
He saw some funny little brown tips of ears sticking up through the lawn mowings.
She waited for events, looking out over the lawn, with a visible inner disturbance, marked over the bosom by the rise and fall of her white dress.
With some difficulty and danger Jim drew the buggy over the loose rocks until he reached the green lawns below, where the paths and orchards and gardens began.
As we stepped out on to the lawn, one of the under-gardeners--a mere lad--passed us on his way to the house, with a letter in his hand.
It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and the lawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysterious individual.
He saw the figure of a man moving rapidly across the lawn toward the building--saw it ascend the steps; then a projection of the wall concealed it.
I left the lawn and moved in the white light and silence along the road, aimless and sorrowing.
They strolled together across the lawn, well away now from the house.
There was the tangle of rhododendron bushes, black in the pale light, and there was the little lawn. I looked at the lawn again.
A well-kept lawn, with six-hundred-years-old cedars and a twenty-feet yew hedge, will add distinction to the meal.