LAYCLatin American Youth Center
LAYCLos Angeles Yacht Club (est. 1901; San Pedro, CA)
LAYCLothian Association of Youth Clubs (UK)
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Unlike mentors in most programs, LAYC's Promotores support the youth they work with for extended periods of time (4-6 years) and across multiple, varied service programs--not only the 50 distinct program offerings LAYC administers, but also any relevant programs at any number of other agencies.
LAYC provides multi-lingual, culturally sensitive programs in five areas: Educational Enhancement, Workforce Investment, Social Services, Art + Media, and Advocacy.
Among those celebrating the accomplishments of the graduates at the event were LAYC and Comcast leaders and staff, representatives from One Economy, parents and family members of the Digital Connectors graduates and members of the greater LAYC community.
The Comcast Digital Connectors program has not only supplied our students with resources to help them succeed in a digital workforce, but has given them the confidence to share what they've learned with their neighbors, friends and families," said Lori Kaplan, executive director of LAYC.
The Technology Group had eight LAYC student graduates and focused on learning to work with software and hardware.
A longtime grantee, LAYC is a network of youth centers, charter schools, and social enterprises with a shared commitment to helping youth become successful and happy young adults, with the skills they need to succeed educationally, professionally and personally.
Prince will present a "Ten-Ton Pasta" donation to the Food Depository and host a pasta dinner for 60 youngsters who participate in the LAYC Kids Cafe(R) program.
In Chicago, more than 309,000 people rely on food supplied by the LAYC and the other member agencies of the Food Depository.