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LAZLaw Association of Zambia (est. 1973)
LAZBalkan Bulgarian Airlines (ICAO code)
LAZLazarett (German; field hospital)
LAZLvovskiy Avtobusnyi Zavod (Lvov)
LAZLaunch Azimuth
LAZLife at Zion (church; Charlottesville, VA)
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By th aid, however, of a second person throwing his lazo so as t catch both hind legs, it is quickly managed: for the animal as long as its hind legs are kept outstretched, is quite helpless, and the first man can with his hands loosen his laz from the horns, and then quietly mount his horse; but th moment the second man, by backing ever so little, relaxe the strain, the lazo slips off the legs of the struggling beast which then rises free, shakes himself, and vainly rushes a his antagonist
Bass's writing provides a visceral experience of the events leading up to the Siege of Louisbourg, thrusting Laz into a life completely unknown to him, without technology, clean drinking water or regular bathing.
There were so many people willing to share their experiences, along with others that are interested in learning more about driving electric as well as companies such as CBRE and LAZ that are willing to be out there on the forefront to provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
Digital growth also stems from an increasing number of offerings such as Afrostream, a transactional VOD service dedicated to African-themed movies, which targets lesser-known films "and establishes a position as the leading legal (streaming service) in these segments," per du Laz.
There were village differences in mean LAZ scores, with children in Nyabula demonstrating the lowest scores throughout the sampling times (p < 0.
I'm excited to welcome DJ Laz back to morning radio in Miami," said Jill Strada, CMG Miami's Director of Branding & Programming, "He's a star with undeniable talent
Teaching of the Laz language within the program for living languages and dialects has been approved by the Head Council on Education and Morality for middle and religious vocational imam-hatip schools, according to a document released by the Education Ministry.
Today we have the chance to set foot on new markets, while Gabrovo has the opportunity to host the production of buses carrying the sign "Made in Bulgaria"," said Vladislav Spektor, Marketing Director of LAZ.
Laz graduated from the Howard University School of Business, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.
com announce Laz Alonso as new Celebrity Travel Ambassador American Airlines, through BlackAtlas.
Tickers featured: BAC, BX, C, COF, FIG, GS, JEF, JPM, KKR, LAZ, MS, USB, WFC.