LBAMLight Brown Apple Moth
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LBAM is an invasive tortricid from southeastern Australia, and its current known distribution outside of its natural range includes New Zealand, the USA, and some European countries (Suckling & Brockerhoff 2010).
(Article 1, Section 1) The State's LBAM program is not over.
(2011) used wind tunnels and mark-release-recapture in hedgerows and vineyards to test flight ability and dispersal of LBAM irradiated at various doses.
I have read with interest research in California Agriculture ('New Zealand lessons may aid efforts to control light brown apple moth in California,' by Varela et al., January-March 2010) and would like to know if there is anything happening in the progression of IPM for LBAM.
Eggs are laid singly, rather than in masses like the LBAM or omnivorous leafroller, on smooth surfaces of developing flower clusters in spring, and on berries during the second and third generations.
The laboratory population of LBAM could be distinguished from the wild population with 95% confidence based on the [delta][sup.13]C signature (P < 0.001) (Fig.
It is such a relief and pleasure to me to see documented -- in a peer-reviewed scientific journal by a team with such excellent credentials -- what the literature on LBAM and the experience Jan.-Mar.
To test the CM-CRDS method of analysis for moth samples, 3 experiments were conducted using the common cutworm and LBAM. In the common cutworm experiments CM-CRDS isotope measurements were compared with values obtained using EA-IRMS.
LBAM has been found in Carneros, American Canyon, the city of Napa and surrounding area, Yountville and St.
Pest news included the discovery of the light brown apple moth (LBAM) in Napa and neighboring counties.
-- California has officially proclaimed the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) an unwelcome visitor, with a bill signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sept.
Sorry to hear about the LBAM (light brown apple moth) in California (Cliff Ohmart's "Vineyard View," September).