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Christian belief that the death of Christ on the cross is a sacrifice for the sins of all people means that Christian lbans center their worship on the cross, the Christian symbol of sacrifice.
Some lbans also believe that there are further stages within sebayan until the soul reaches a state of happiness or blessedness in mandaijenoh, the quiet place.
With regard to Freeman, Pringle makes substantial use of Freeman's peerless ethnography of the Baleh lban, particularly his penetrating account of Iban social structure.
(27) It is true that the lbans are listed in the First Schedule of the Nationality Enactment as "groups which are considered to be indigenous to Brunei," but the same sentence continues: "within the meaning of this Enactment." The whole point of the First Schedule, in conjunction with Articles 4 (1) (b) and (c) (ii), is that this type of "indigenous" has entitlements interior to the seven core groups.
The virtually identical omen list of the Maloh and lban is cited by King (1975) precisely in order to suggest historical proximity and cultural fusion.