LBCALigue Belge Contre l'Antisémitisme (French: Belgian League against Antisemitism)
LBCALabor Board of Contract Appeals
LBCALive Blood Cell Analysis
LBCALouisiana Baseball Coaches Association (Denham Springs, LA)
LBCALatina Breast Cancer Agency (San Francisco, CA)
LBCALin Brightly Computer Associates
LBCALake Bonavista Community Association (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
LBCALast Bacterial Common Ancestor
LBCALong Beach Civic Association
LBCALake Braddock Community Association (Burke, VA)
LBCALady Bay Community Association (UK)
LBCALicentiate of the British College of Accordionists (UK)
LBCALiberty Bishop Chartered Accountants (UK)
LBCALog Builder Competition Award
LBCALinkhorn Bay Condominium Association (Virginia Beach, VA)
LBCALake Brooklyn Civic Association
LBCALake Bonney Conservation Association (Puyallup, WA)
LBCALittle Book of Creating Abundance
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(20) These resources will now be available to Louisiana courts after the LBCA becomes effective on January 1, 2015.
While much of the substance of Louisiana corporate law will remain the same after the adoption of the LBCA, there are a few areas that will undergo significant substantive revision.
(22) The new LBCA departs from the old LBCL in providing this explicit statutory protection, (23) and it departs from the MBCA in the manner in which it provides the protection.
(29) However, the specifics of Louisiana's new oppression provisions in the LBCA are unique.
The LBCA is based on the American Bar Association's Model
oppressive...." (51) LBCA [section] 1-1430 (which is based on MBCA
LBCA [section] 1-1435(B) does not define oppression as conduct that
(68) Thus, the LBCA comes closer to adopting the "fair dealing and
In this respect, the LBCA's emphasis on the buyout (rather than dissolution) as the first remedial option is sensible.
The LBCA provisions also address the financial issues surrounding a buyout.
Compared to the MBCA approach, the LBCA provisions provide a court with much less discretion to mitigate the financial effects of a buyout.
In Louisiana, the LBCA's oppression provisions resolve the discount issue.