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LBCCLong Beach City College (California)
LBCCLinn Benton Community College
LBCCLong Beach Community College
LBCCLittle Britain Challenge Cup (UK)
LBCCLower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce (Pennsylvania)
LBCCLong Beach Coin Club (California)
LBCCLocks Bottom Cricket Club (UK)
LBCCLow Cost Bus Controller Chip (Ford networking standard)
LBCCLake Burton Civic Association (Clayton, Georgia, USA)
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Students concerned about the absence of deep engagement across political divides created the LBCC Civil Discourse Club, which promotes dialogue that enhances understanding among individuals with diverse viewpoints in an open and respectful manner.
However, despite new regulations, the LBCC voiced fears that "the large-scale slaughter of over 200 bird species, many of which are globally at risk of extinction, will continue as in past years."
There's so much stuff on the Web now." Instead, LBCC puts strong emphasis on personal, one-on-one interactions.
Current trade between the two countries is around $350 million annually, according to the Lebanese--Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (LBCC) in SEuo Paulo.
Zia was running for one of the five seats on the Board of Trustees for the Long Beach Community College (LBCC).
THE LAGUNA Breeders Cockers Club (LBCC), one of the Philippine Federation of Gamefowl Breeders' 41 local affiliates, will begin its campaign to bring home the trophy of the first Digmaan Pasabong-Pambansa 9-Stag Derby on Oct.
Long Beach has a unique and dedicated partnership with Long Beach City College (LBCC) and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).
According to Bob Foster, the "let somebody else pay for it" attitude is "horrible public policy." Gail Schwandner, the Dean of Workforce Development at Long Beach City College (LBCC), who has entered into a partnership with the Port, agrees: "We cannot just ship our pollution someplace else.
Once again, only private dollars are available, and she has found particular success with the college's Buy-a-Book program, which helps undocumented students buy books with help from the LBCC Foundation.
Cool ocean breezes and hazy days were the norm outside, while crowded technical sessions and a busy show floor were the norm inside the spacious Long Beach Convention Center (LBCC).
COACH: You led LBCC to the state championship four times, then took over as head coach at Long Beach State in 1973.
We recently published in JFP a meta-analysis of liquid-based cervical cytology (LBCC) tests.