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Geagea said "the ruling of the single criminal judge in Beirut into the dispute with the LBCI entails a blatant distortion of the facts which are not transient events affecting two conflicting teams, but rather the history of a group and an entire nation."
The post Pierre El Daher, CEO of LBCI on making TV profitable appeared first on BroadcastPro ME.
LBCI (4): It's tricky to address certain topics via advertising some times.
Abu Ibrahim, who is linked to the Northern Storm Brigade, was quoted by LBCI as saying Itani was taken to Aazaz because he was taking too many photographs, raising suspicions.
Other broadcasters could follow the example of LBCI, which has pre-empted possible future problems by uplinking its satellite service from Rome.
Public Prosecutor Ghada Aoun told LBCI that she listened to the testimonies of the group, which has been at the center of a controversial issue raised by religious officials in Lebanon.
NNA - Tawhid Party Chief Wi'am Wahhab said in an interview with LBCI this evening that "a clash occurred between the Information Branch and supporters of the Tawhid Party which led to injuries," adding, "Whoever wishes to inform someone of a lawsuit does not send hundreds of vehicles!" He added: "Hezbollah relayed to Prime Minister Hariri the appropriate position tonight, and I have prevented any armed appearance in the town now." Referring to the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, Attorney Samir Hammoud, Wahhab described him as a "decent" man who was never involved in bloodshed.
Some cable providers in Lebanon have stopped broadcasting LBCI and Al-Jadeed to protest against the broadcasting fee that TV networks have slapped on cable operators.
Security sources told LBCI TV network that Abbas, a Palestinian, was arrested on suspicion that he had received booby-trapped cars transported by Omar al-Atrash, a cleric from the Eastern Bek Valley.
After that, snipers in the rival districts became active, according to the LBCI TV.
Geagea has taken El Daher to court in Lebanon claiming ownership of LBCI. The original LBC was launched by the Lebanese Forces in Au- gust 1985 and Geagea alleges that El Daher breached his management responsibility of LBC during Geagea's 11 years of incarceration follow- ing the country's civil war.
The double up, on MBC1 and LBCi, came after helmer Aamir Mahmoud split with leads Abdullah Al Sadhan and Nasser Al Gasabi following creative disagreements about the show, a series of stand-alone comedies that highlight flaws in Saudi society.