LBCLLarge B-Cell Lymphoma (oncology)
LBCLLymphoblastoid B-Cell Line (cancer immunology)
LBCLLouisiana Business Corporation Law
LBCLLabatt Brewing Company Limited (Canada)
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the LBCL was governed exclusively by case law, which permitted a
Unlike the LBCL, the BCA authorizes the creation of callable common
Nonnodal, primary LBCL involving BM with or without involvement of liver and/or spleen and no other extranodal involvement has been variably published in the literature [7-16].
To find previously reported cases of LBCL-BLS similar to ours, during the literature search we selected only studies of LBCL with initial manifestation in the BM, liver, and/or spleen (BLS type) that lacked any lymph node or other extranodal involvement and included genetic and survival information.
With large populations and growing wealth, nearby countries such as India represent exciting opportunities for growth, and LBCL plans dramatic expansion from Sri Lanka.
For LBCL, sales growth relies in part on the ability to satisfy demand, by scaling up production profitably without loss of quality.
He thus had Stage 4 IV LBCL with central nervous system (CNS) involvement; his international prognostic index (IPI) was 3 (raised LDH, Stage 4 and more than 1 extranodal site of involvement).
Distinct from the secondary spinal plasmacytoma, the initial cerebral IV LBCL proved to be negative for cyclin D1 expression.
(22) The new LBCA departs from the old LBCL in providing this explicit statutory protection, (23) and it departs from the MBCA in the manner in which it provides the protection.
The BCA is significantly more favorable to directors than the LBCL in duty of loyalty cases challenging conflicting interest transactions.