LBCSLand-Based Classification Standards (American Planning Association)
LBCSLehman Brothers Commodity Services, Inc.
LBCSLoomis Basin Charter School (est. 2008; Loomis, CA)
LBCSLos Banos Computer Services (California)
LBCSLabor and Community Studies (college program)
LBCSLocomotive Brake Control System (mechanics)
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Given the randomly produced LBCs, common physics and dynamics across all members, and ICs drawn from equally likely states provided by EnKF analyses, the NCAR ensemble forecasts conformed to the principle of equal likelihood (3) and to our knowledge represented the first formally designed, year-round, real-time CAE spanning the entire CONUS.
'We further observed that COCOBOD has refused, neglected or failed, as it is obligated, to allocate the local LBCs' portions of their annual syndicated loan for the 2018/2019 crop season.
The model was used to estimate the effect of physiological stage (week), BCS group (Group 1: BCS>3.5, or HBCS; Group 2: BCS[less than or equal to]3.5, or LBCS), and their interaction on oxidative-status indices:
LBC Tank Terminal Rotterdam recently accomplished a major milestone in their expansion project known as Rainbow with the birthing of the first vessel at a brand-new jetty.
The experience on the Higashi Kobe Bridge demonstrates that ensuring satisfactory seismic performance of LBCs is very important to avoid damage to and excessive seismic inertia load on the tower.
To obtain the desired avoidance, we generate repulsive potential field around the obstacles by designing a repulsive potential field function for each obstacle in accordance with LbCS. The repulsive potential fields function is an inverse function that encodes an avoidance function to the denominator and a control parameter in the numerator [14].
The objectives of scientists at the University of Connecticut and elsewhere were to fabricate and characterize soluble nanoscale PECs of NaCas and pectin and to explore their viability for delivering LBCs. They found that the studied NaCas-pectin nanoPECs have potential for use as natural safe vehicles for the oral delivery of LBCs.
And, I occasionally send daughter Lillian real print clips in real live posted and stamped envelopes--just to keep the LBCS and the memory of her namesake grandmother alive and well.
Figure 1(a) illustrates an example of adjacent LBCs and a boundary curve.
Other rates and fees for Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) in the industry were also agreed upon, which included fee for buyers' margin, hauliers rate, Cocoa marketing Company's internal marketing costs, as well as fees for disinfestations, grading and sealing.
The NEO system enables 10 Sailors--four in the Gunslinger Humvee (GS-3) and a maximum of six in the land-based control station (LBCS)--to continuously monitor, detect and engage hostile forces more than 10 square miles of territory inland, on marshy terrain, along a river or near a coastline.