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LBDLittle Black Dress
LBDLearning by Doing
LBDLigand Binding Domain
LBDLewy Body Dementia (aka Lewy Body Disease)
LBDLarge Block Device
LBDLogical Block Device
LBDLow Battery Detector (electronics)
LBDLesbian Bed Death
LBDLibrary Book Discussion (teenagers)
LBDLondon Beth Din
LBDLong Block Data (computing standard; International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association)
LBDLaser Beam Detector
LBDLittle Black Duck
LBDLittle Brothers' Disease (band)
LBDLost Bather Drill (Life guarding)
LBDLocal Bills Discounted
LBDTwin-Engine McDonnell, Navy Special Plane (US Navy)
LBDLaser Beam Defocus (mechanism)
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'We found the number of years an individual was exposed to contact sports--including football, ice hockey, and boxing--was associated with the development of neocortical LBD, and LBD, in turn, was associated with Parkinsonism and dementia," explains corresponding author Thor Stein, neuropathologist at VA Boston.
These individuals often develop problems with thinking and reasoning that are similar to those that occur in LBD. This is because Lewy bodies interfere with acetylcholine, a brain chemical that plays a role in thinking and memory.
It seems that one of the biggest challenges to getting an accurate diagnosis is that LBD symptoms have tremendous crossover with normal human psychology and behavior, mood, cognition, and sleep issues.
Clinically, athletes with both chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)-- a neurodegenerative disease -- and LBD were significantly more likely to have dementia and the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
It's like when you talk about fashion, the inclusion of the LBD is inevitable.
This result indicated that the hinge region (H) and the ligand-binding domain (LBD), shared by mutants 2 and 3 of ER[alpha], were preferentially ubiquitinated by Hbo1.
"LBD can mimic the tremors, stiffness and walking difficulties of Parkinson's disease and the memory problems of Alzheimer's disease and thus is often misdiagnosed as other diseases," explains Zaldy S.
Footwear will start at $240, and the star's SJP LBD collection will be available at $395, according to the release. The new Sarah Jessica Parker boutique be open daily from 10 a.m.
We asked six special guests to model their favourite LBD and tell us the stories behind them.
According to a study conducted by Rousseaux, Daveluy, and Kozlowski (2010), which compared the performance of stroke patients (RBD, LBD and frontal stroke groups) in a task of verbal and nonverbal communication, no differences were found between the groups, and all participants had lexical and pragmatic difficulties.
The univariate statistics (ANOVA) revealed that 15 (HL, HD, LBD, PrOL, ED, SnL, HDF, HPF, HAF, LDB, LPB, LVB, UJL, LJL and MXBL) out of 25 morphometric measurements significantly differed to varying degrees (p less than 0.05, p less than 0.01 or Pless than 0.001) among samples (Table IV).
At the time, the little black dress was intended to be an affordable piece with a neutral color, so popular has it been that it's even picked up its own acronym: LBD.