LBDMLighting Business Development Manager
LBDMLittle by Darin Michelle (brand)
LBDMLa Boutique Du Molosse (French)
LBDMLast Business Day of Month
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LBDM means did not differ (p > 0.05) between the seedlings of the different plant materials under 100% FC (Table 2).
Based on the results obtained for LBDM, PDM and RDM, the highest TDM in plants cultivated under 100% FC was observed in the seedlings from Laranjeira and the lowest one in seedlings of the ecotype Hideo.
The various pedagogical choices in the LBDM which are termed as knowledge processes have promoted the undergraduates to think and to mediate oral communication in multiliterate ways.
The LBDM project allows Allies to acquire land munitions, including mortars, artillery shells, rockets, and missiles, in a more cost-effective and flexible way.