LBDSLittle Black Dress Shop (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
LBDSLaser-Based Detection System
LBDSLipid-Based Delivery Systems (pharmaceuticals)
LBDSLiver-Blood Deficiency Syndrome
LBDSLactate-Based Dialysis Solution
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the subject of the contract is the delivery of a deposition system according to langmuir and blodgett with an analytical superstructure (lb deposition system, Lbds) to the reserved premises of fnspe ctu in prague, Building trojanova 13, Prague 2, Czech republic.
Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS) is a business unit of Lallemand, Inc.
On January 30, the French interior ministry said the IGPN had opened 111 inquiries into 9,228 incidents in which LBDs were used against demonstrators.
These three NR4A receptors exhibit a high degree of homology in genomic structure [5], an N-terminal region that contains a ligand-independent activation function-1 (AF-1), also known as the transactivation domain (TAD), which is required for the coactivator recruitment and transcriptional activity [6], a conserved central DNA-binding domain (DBD) composed of 2 zinc fingers that recognize specific DNA sequences, a hinge region, and a ligand-binding domain (LBD) that contains a ligand-dependent AF-2 transactivation domain in the C-terminal region [7, 8].
The structure of PPARs has been studied extensively using X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling, and solvent mapping techniques with respect to the DNA binding domain/region (DBD), ligand binding domain (LBD), and coactivator binding site, providing insight into the binding modes.
The present work reviews the novel LBDS (vesicle and lipid particulate systems and emulsions) as recorded in Figure 2, describing the formulation approaches and mechanism of action.
The stunning salon show, in association with Moet & Chandon and Chambord at The Corinthian Club, will showcase the best LBDs in Scotland.
Get ready to don your finest LBDs for a night out on The Toon -- and you can find out even more about our huge selection of activities and accommodation on our Newcastle hen weekend page.
At 30 seconds, the MBTS PBD is still dispersing the best; the 75 and 90 LBDs look similar to each other and are dispersing better than the MBTS powder.
Transactivation assays using the human LBDs (ligand-binding domain) indicated that 4 ppm DOSS activated PPAR[gamma] about 3 fold, whereas activation of PPAR[alpha] was only about 1.2 fold and nondetectable for the human RXR[alpha] LBD (see Supplemental Material, Figure S5A,B,D).
IN | spite of the web address, is not populated solely with LBDs. Case in point: Emma Louise London's Chorus Line Layered Shift Dress, PS189 (reduced from PS270).