LBDTLow Bay Dolly Tug (lighting)
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(BKFI) of Malolos, Bulacan; Lahing Batangan Dance Troupe (LBDT) of the Lyceum University of the Phils.
The regional viewers delightfully enjoyed the traditional dances performed by the LBDT such as Bendian & Palook from the Cordilleras, Sala Ti Mais from Isabela, and Subli from Batangas.
The camera must be mounted on the column of the microscope so that they remain functional even two existing detectors - BF (bright field) and HAADF (high angle annular dark field).2) A new analytical dvounklonov holder with a low background (LBDT) for samples having a diameter of 3 mm with a tilt +/- 35 in both axes for the transmission electron microscope JEM 2100F HR.