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LBELate Bronze Age
LBELattice Boltzmann Equation
LBELocal Business Enterprise
LBELoad Bearing Equipment
LBELocation Based Entertainment
LBELa Banda Elastica (band)
LBELead by Example (also seen as LBX)
LBELead-Bismuth Eutectic (alloy)
LBELocation-Based Experience (mobile software)
LBELondon Bridge Ensemble (UK)
LBELeft Behind Equipment
LBELondon Borough of Enfield (UK)
LBELatrobe, PA, USA - Westmoreland County (Airport Code)
LBELanding Barge, Emergency Repair (US Navy)
LBELanding Barge Oiler (US Navy)
LBELatest Business Estimate
LBELeft Below Elbow (amputation)
LBELicensing Basis Event
LBELoop Back Enabled (Hekimian)
LBELinear Bit-Estimate
LBELoad Break Elbow
LBELicensed Bank Employee
LBELast Best Estimate (programs management dates)
LBELegal Business Entity
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Con respecto al origen de este nervio, se ubico mayoritariamente a nivel de brazo o proximal a LBE en 28 casos (93 %), mientras que en los 2 restantes se ubico a nivel de esta linea (7 %).
During the operation of the DHRS, the reactor core continuously generates decay heat and the LBE in the main vessel is heated.
Figure 1 reveals the regression tree diagram for the prediction of body weight from the measured characteristics (BL, WH, CG, PC, FL, LBE, EL and FTW) and sex factor.
The results from these experiments demonstrated that LBE exerted a pro-oxidative rather than anti-oxidative effect due to ROS formation in treated cancer cells and that the increased ROS formation was required for the anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of M.
Taken together, LBE or subfractions thereof could be used for the prevention of colon cancer.
Furthermore LBE (0.870) and FTW (0.512) made greater contribution to Factor 3.
A pilot test is underway at five locations (consisting of eight units) to test the transition from LBE to UME.
LBE Resource Booker can then be used from anywhere with internet access using any modern web browser.
In 2001, Cuevas was introduced to the print side of the media and accepted the position of Community Relations Manager and Special Promotions Coordinator for La Banda Elastica (LBE), an international Latin alternative music magazine.
lBe prepared -you will need to know your business, your accounts and your people better than anyone.
lBe selective - the bookies have to price up every race, but you don't have to bet in all of them.
Compared to LBE, techniques such as yelling, punishing, lecturing, and making lists of rules are blunt instruments in your leadership toolbox.