LBESLabour Based/Equipment Supported (World Bank)
LBESLand Base Engineering Site
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LBEs are typically located near multiplexes, although it's still not clear what, if any, effect they have on movie attendance.
The industry's supporters tout LBEs as the wave of the future, where busy, affluent customers can enjoy a whole evening of entertainment -- drinks, dinner, games and movies -- under a single roof.
Besides working with GCC, Sega has teamed with other exhibitors and studios to boost the presence of arcade games at LBEs. These include the creation of interactive game center Cinescape for Cineplex/Odeon, a similarly themed Starport for United Artists and a partnership with Universal and DreamWorks to create GameWorks, an LBE center in itself.
"Most of the action you see now is happening with these (LBE) type of theaters," says Thompson, "because it keeps people there all day and gives them a reason to spend money."
Yet, given the modest successes of GameWorks, the super-arcade collaboration between DreamWorks, Sega of America and MCA Inc., and Dave & Buster's, a Dallas-based chain of eatery-gameries, one is left wondering again what the profit model for LBEs might be.
Yet clearly there are corporate risk officers whose eyes gleam when they consider the move into LBEs. In addition to Disney and the GameWorks consortium, consider these projects:
"During the novelty phase and the summer movie season, these LBEs may draw a lot of people," says Dominic Marshall, securities analyst at small-cap equity research firm Red Chip Review, "but check back next winter and see how they're doing."
UA's Starport LBEs, operating in retail malls in Indianapolis and four other medium-sized cities, have "made money but not as much as we would have liked," says Kurt Hall, acting chief operating officer.
Patron Tipo I A: Este subtipo se presento en 8 de los miembros examinados (29 %) y la secuencia de origen describio como primer ramo, aquel que inervo al musculo Pr, el cual se origino en promedio a 13,74 mm, distal a la LBE. A esto se agrega que en el 50 % de estos casos los ramos del musculo se originaron desde un tronco comun, el cual surgio en promedio a 14,93 mm, proximal a la LBE.
Siguiendo su trayecto habitual en la fosa cubital, el nervio mediano entrego como segundo ramo, uno dirigido al musculo PL, el que surgio a 18,71 mm, distal a la LBE. El tercer ramo se dirigio hacia el musculo FRC, originandose a un promedio de 29,61 mm distal a la LBE.
Bidders must achieve at least 80 points (out of a possible 100 points), as determined by CMD, to be deemed compliant with the Good Faith Outreach requirements, except those who exceed the above stated LBE subcontracting participation requirement by 35% under Section 14B.8(B) of the Administrative Code.
LBE Rating Bonuses may be applied as per San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B.