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LBFLondon Book Fair (UK)
LBFLive Breathe Futbol (Philadelphia, PA)
LBFPounds of Force
LBFLast, Best and Final (agreements)
LBFLeukaemia & Blood Foundation (New Zealand)
LBFLes Bonnes Femmes (French: The Good Women; crime drama)
LBFNorth Platte, NE, USA - Lee Bird Field (Airport Code)
LBFLow Budget Film
LBFLoad Balancing Factor
LBFLibra Force
LBFLocal Basis Function Method
LBFLong Beam Flexural Strength
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The proposed method updates the level set function through adjusting the variable weighting coefficient between ADPLS method and LBF model as follows:
On Thursday, the LBF issued a statement describing the incident as "shocking," urging ISF and other security services to "take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth continuation of this series," and asking fans "to refrain from chanting slogans that may be interpreted offensively in any manner."
The Lab Master universal materials tester is said to provide precise, repeatable measurement of compression, elongation, peel, stress-relaxation and tensile measurements up to 250 lbf. Resolution to 0.01 lbf.
LBF will pay a distribution of USD0.0470 per share; DHG will pay USD0.0750 per share; KHI will pay USD0.0510 per share; KMM will pay a distribution of USD0.0425 per share; KTF will pay USD0.0700 per share; KST will pay USD0.0580 per share; and KSM will pay a distribution of USD0.0700 per share.
Capacities are available from 225 lbf. (1 kN) to 22,500 lbf.
The Lab Master tile indentation tester provides precise measurement of the resiliency of flooring with [+ or -] 1.0 [micro]m accuracy, 0.1 [micro]m resolution, 0.2 [micro]m repeatability of position and 0.01 lbf. resolution, according to company literature.
Four models are available in capacities up to 50 kN (11,250 lbf.).
Synergie 1000 is suitable for tensile, compression, flex, peel, shear, and other standard test modes at 5 kN (1000 lbf) capacity.
Deutsche closed-end funds, Deutsche Global High Income Fund Inc (LBF); Deutsche High Income Opportunities Fund Inc (DHG); Deutsche High Income Trust (KHI); Deutsche Multi-Market Income Trust (KMM); Deutsche Municipal Income Trust (KTF); Deutsche Strategic Income Trust (KST); and Deutsche Strategic Municipal Income Trust (KSM) on Saturday reported their regular monthly distributions, for July 2015.
The CB is said to provide torques up to 213,500 lbf.-ft., with displacement from 3.96 up to 13.74 gallons per revolution and with speeds up to 58 rpm.
Included are two low-capacity, single-screw test units--100/M (load capacity of 1 kN or 225 lbf) and 400/M (load capacity of 2 kN or 450 lbf)--that can perform a wide range of tests, including tension, compression, bending, tearing, peeling, and shearing.