LBFSLast Buffer First Served (operations management)
LBFSLow Bandwidth File System (network file system)
LBFSLeighton Buzzard Festival Singers (UK)
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Similarly, we use the LBFS to compute the service rating of business venues in [N.sub.i] and express the service quality of the neighbourhood as
Therefore, we use LBFS to get environment rating as
We mention that, after adding an additional certifying step, our 4-sweep LBFS interval graph recognition algorithm can be further developed into a certifying algorithm without any usage of a data structure like MPQ tree and we will present this certifying algorithm as well as a proof of its correctness in another paper [36].
Section 2 is a brief introduction of some basic LBFS algorithms with different rules of breaking ties.
Symbiont-bearing LBFs secrete high-magnesium calcite tests (Raja et al., 2005), the solubility of which can exceed that of aragonite produced by reef corals at a similar seawater pC[O.sub.2] level (Morse et al., 2006).
To assess the impact of projected ocean warming and acidification conditions, 18 publications of experimental studies on tropical symbiont-bearing LBFs were compiled for this meta-analysis (see Appendixes 1-3 for details and raw data).
First of all, the sensing element of the LBFS, which at a length of 18 millimetres is very compact in itself, offers a smaller contact surface for adhesions than, say, the vibrating forks of fork level switches.
Another advantage is that the LBFS is not only able to detect whether a medium is present or not, but also to recognise different "states" of the medium.
Two main spectrum models using POSP for bistatic SAR are the spectrum of Loffeld's bistatic formula (LBF) [19] and the Method of Series Reversion (MSR) [23].
A generalized LBF (GLBF) for bistatic SAR is presented, of which the OLBF and ELBF can be viewed as special examples.
* If the graph is a cocomparability graph, any last vertex of a LBFS, can be used as a source (resp.
* For arbitrary graphs, any last vertex of a LBFS belongs to a moplex [3].