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Effect of LbGp on matrix metalloproteinases in whole skin
Because skin cancer and aging are associated with the upregulation of metalloproteinases, we tested the effect of LbGp on the expression of these matrix-digesting enzymes.
2 shows that LbGp inhibits skin expansion in a dose-dependent manner, by over 60%.
LbGp fraction is composed of several glycoconjugates of distinct molecular weights: LbGp2 (68.2 kD; Peng and Tian, 2001); LbGp3 (92.5 kD; Huang et al., 1998), LbGp4 (215 kD; Huang et al., 1999) and LbGp5 (23.7 kD; Peng et al., 2001).
Similarly, suboptimal cultures with LbGp5 had significantly higher cell counts than the same cultures without LbGp (compare Fig.