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LBGTLesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered
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It has limited police powers, protected women's reproductive rights, recognized the rights of the LBGT community, protected francophone rights outside of Quebec, and improved Indigenous rights.
They also saw several of the executive orders of Obama, e.g., on LBGT, as warning signs for the conservatives to wake up and rally behind the Republican candidates.
Once-marginalized dramas, such as female drama, LBGT drama and ethnic minority plays have been brought onto the stage, expressing their own unique voices, artistic innovations and missions.
Evolving organically from its internal business resource groups, which encompass women, military veterans, African Americans, the LBGT community, and people with disabilities, Giant Eagle's associates have not only become a powerful font of talent, but have also added another vibrant dimension to the company's foundational canvas, according to Karet.
Nadie como el ha empoderado a la comunidad LBGT tanto y tan rapido--aunque solo sea en la fantasia.
Additionally, as we track societal trends, we have expanded our marketing to include LBGT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] categories."
"We're also judged on how we hold ourselves in front of the media, when I'll be asked about what I want to be for the LBGT community.
Ahead of the event he took to Facebook and said he hoped the event would raise awareness of LGBT charities, including his chosen charity, Rainbow Homes, an organisation which helps LBGT refugees.
She said that though life is difficult for the LBGT community in Beirut, she hangs out at some places where she's comfortable to socialize with her peers.
The rainbow LBGT flag will be allowed as it is a "symbol of tolerance and diversity".
In the novel, all sex is strictly recreational, but S&M, B&D, LBGT, and Curious sex has not been invented.