LBHTLactose Breath Hydrogen Tests
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In addition, our measured C/C genotype frequency matched the frequency in persons with phenotypic lactose malabsorption identified by use of the LBHT in an earlier study of apparently healthy adult Austrians (18).
In a retrospective study, we randomly selected 54 European Caucasian outpatients (18 men and 36 women; General Hospital Lint, Austria) with a mean (SD) age of 55.8 (20.5) years (range 18-87 years) for LPH C [right arrow] [T.sub.-13910] genotyping based on a positive LBHT result obtained after the appearance of abdominal symptoms suggesting lactose intolerance, such as diarrhea (19).
Of the 54 patients with a positive LBHT result, 27 (50%) were found to have genotype C/C, 16 (29.6%) genotype C/T, and 11 (20.4%) genotype T/T.
Five other patients exhibited a small increase, just above the threshold, of [H.sub.2] in LBHT and presented with no complaints at the time of genotyping.