LBICLight Beam Induced Current
LBICLondon BioScience Innovation Centre (London, England, UK)
LBICLutheran Bible Institute California (Irvine, CA)
LBICLine-Based Image Coding
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An analysis of EBIC and LBIC images of the same region shows that the bright spots revealed at larger reverse voltage correlate well with some random grain boundaries (compare Figures 2(c) and 3).
A comparison of EL images with EBIC and LBIC images of the same region (Figure 3) does not reveal any electrically active extended defects in these sites that correlate with previous investigations [6, 11].
Breakdown sites in multicrystalline Si solar cells have been studied by reverse-bias EL, EBIC, LBIC, and EDS methods.
Breakdowns revealed by EL at larger bias in accordance with previous investigations correlate well with extended defects in the EBIC and LBIC images and can be associated with small precipitates formed on the random grain boundaries.
Location-based incentive credits (LBICs) offer many advantages, including current and prior year refund potential and favorable financial statement impact.
State and federal LBICs vary in amount and qualification requirements.
Participants will include LBIC, office of the BHHS, and Office of the Surgeon General, OSAP and National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).
It is understood that the University of Liverpool is planning its own Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub which may compete with LBIC.
The PS28m LBIC was being developed by the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust with the university to house growing pharmaceutical firms.
LBIC is set to be the first building erected on the Biocampus, a massive science park next to the new Royal that is being seen as one of the most important regeneration projects in Liverpool's history as it could house thousands of hi-tech jobs.
But last year LBIC, due to open in 2014, had to go back to the drawing board after it missed out on funding from the Government's Regional Growth Fund (RGF).
Ezzaouia, "Two-dimensional LBIC and Internal-Quantum-Efficiency investigations of grooved grain boundaries in multicrystalline silicon solar cells," Solar Energy, vol.