LBIRLow Background Infrared
LBIRLow Background Infrared Radiometry
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The aphids used in the experiments were obtained from the NuOPAL (Bollgard I Event 531) and Buriti varieties reared at the LBIR. Individual aphids were collected from cotton plants from commercial crops in Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo State; the aphids were then identified and transferred to healthy plants maintained under the conditions mentioned above and protected against migration and infestation by other species of aphids and natural enemies.
The prey and predators were obtained from the cattle stock at LBIR.
(The LBIR environment simulates the cold background of space.) NIST recently characterized two blackbody sources, for two private companies, being used as NIST-traceable standards for the calibration of Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) infrared sensors.
These calibrations were made possible by recent improvements at the LBIR facility which increased its sensitivity by a factor of 10.
In the LBIR facility, the blackbody radiance temperatures are determined using an ACR at 2 K with a precision aperture set at a known distance from a blackbody that has a second precision aperture.