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LBJLeBron James (basketball player)
LBJLyndon Baines Johnson
LBJLady Bird Johnson (wife of 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson)
LBJLittle Brown Job (birds)
LBJLittle Brown Jug
LBJLong Binh Jail (Vietnam)
LBJLehman Brothers Japan
LBJLocation Business Japan
LBJLittle Beagle Johnson (LBJ's Dog)
LBJLight Bulb Joke
LBJLittle Baby Jesus
LBJCamp Long Binh Junction
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MAKING INFERENCES: How might LBJ's high approval rating in 1964 have helped him achieve so many of his goals?
Ninety percent of graduates of the LBJ program, where training in forceps-assisted delivery was emphasized, reported doing more than five such procedures per year now that they're out in practice.
I was a junior and highly expendable young staff member at the White House during the last two years of the Johnson administration, and had the rare privilege of daily observing LBJ and his many talented advisers and staff members as they addressed difficult issues in those final years of LBJ's presidency.
So I snapped alert one day with this waking nightmare--that Lyndon Baines Johnson was back--and looked and listened hard to Johnson's first year in office, four cassettes called Taking Charge: the Johnson White House Tapes, 1963-64, and realized I hadn't heard such talk since I and millions just like me chased LBJ from public life and put him in this big damned tomb of a presidential library a few miles from where Ike Morgan captures American history in the state mental hospital.
LBJ was vice-president when an assassin killed John Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.
Bagley is Coordinator of the Helen Keller National Center's Older Adult Program, 4455 LBJ Freeway LB #3, Suite 815, Dallas, TX 75244.
Later, with the war on, LBJ intruded into day-to-day tactical conduct of the war while failing to give a coherent, achievable strategic mission to military leaders.
He also thinks I ought to move with George Christian (LGJ's former Press Secretary, now working with Democrats for Nixon), get LBJ to use his influence to turn off the Hill investigation with Califano, Hubert, and so on.
The town, population 932, got its name from LBJ's grandfather, and it looks about the same as it did in 1913 when Lyndon's father moved his family from the ranch into a comfortable home just a few blocks off the Blanco County Courthouse square.
It was 25 years ago that the Green Bay Packers won the first Super Bowl, LBJ had been in office for four years, thousands of young men and women were serving their country in Vietnam, and the year's best song was "Michelle" by the Beatles.
The Texas Tribune and the LBJ Future Forum are hosting a conversation on the historic mobilization of women in politics, featuring some of the leading candidates for office, both for Congress and the Texas House, in the midterm elections this November.