LBLCLower Bounding of a Linear Code
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Stefano Bollani - Concertone (Label Bleu LBLC 6666) pounds 14.99
Stefano Bollani -Smat Smat (Label Bleu LBLC 6665) Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava has the ability to sound supremely relaxed and yet strongly focused in the same note.
Enrico Rava -Easy Living (ECM 981 2050) Stefano Bollani -Smat Smat (Label Bleu LBLC 6665)
HHHHChristophe Marguet Sextet -Reflections (Label Bleu LBLC 6652)French drummer Marguet leads an intriguingly constructed group which, with its two guitars and tuba in place of the more conventional piano and bass, recalls the soundscape of some of Henry Threadgill's bands.
HHHHTo order this CD for pounds 14.99, including p&p, call our Music Line on 01364 832 789ONJ/Claude Barthelemy -Admirabelamour (Label Bleu LBLC 6659) Meanwhile, over in Paris guitarist Claude Barthelemy is whipping the Orchestre National De Jazz into an East/West frenzy with demanding jazz/rock arrangements incorporating strong elements of gamelan music.
Jazz CD of the week Magic Malik Orchestra - 00-237/XP-1 (Label Bleu LBLC 6662/63)
Enrico Rava/Stefano Bollani - Montreal diary /B (Label Bleu LBLC 6645/HM83)These are dark days for live music when one's first reaction to the sight of a poster advertising a duo is to draw the conclusion the venue in question has obviously failed to acquire an entertainments licence.