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LBMLattice Boltzman Method (computational fluid dynamics)
LBMLean Body Mass (medical/health)
LBMLinear Bit Map
LBMLumber and Building Materials
LBMLake Biwa Museum (Japan)
LBMPounds Mass
LBMLearning by Making
LBMLiquid-Based Microbiology
LBMLattice Boltzmann Model
LBMLittle Brown Mushroom (mycologist slang)
LBMLaser Beam Machining
LBMLanguages in Biology and Medicine (International Symposium)
LBMLaurel Bank Machines Co. Ltd. (est. 1946)
LBMLoose Bowel Movement
LBMLow-Bit(s) Modulation
LBMLuis Boa Morte (football)
LBMLocal Bus Master
LBMLoad Buffer Memory (computing)
LBMLocation-Based Multicast
LBMLight Bearers Ministry (Jasper, OR)
LBMLocation-Based Media (mobile device media)
LBMLutheran Blind Mission
LBMLittle Brown Monkey
LBMLow Bandwidth Mode
LBMLandscape Body Machine (band; Vancouver, Canada)
LBMLes Bielles Meusiennes (French automobile club)
LBMLooking for Better Management
LBMLoad Balancing Matrix
LBMLattice Block Material
LBMLocal Board Member
LBMLocalized Battle Management
LBMLibra Mass (physical unit)
LBMLower Bound Method
LBMLifestyle Brand Management (UK)
LBMLAN-Based Modem
LBMLong Burn Motor
LBMLarge Ballistic Missile
LBMLabor, Burden, Material
LBMLand Based Modem
LBMPounds per meter
LBMLong Boring Meeting
LBMLoad-Bearing Member (construction)
LBMLinMin Bare Metal
LBMLossy Blass Matrix
LBMLongbow Missile
LBMLattice-Based Modeling
LBMLayer-Based Manufacturing (fabrication)
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US LBM said the addition of a speciality dealer in BM Windows strengthens the company's position and expands its product offering in an existing market.
At the second sampling stage, we randomly selected stalls and environmental sites in each LBM independently for each type of poultry and environmental site.
Moreover, TBBMC and LBM Z-scores tended to be lower as the disease duration increased (p = 0.056 and r, respectively).
Then, an upscaled LBM scheme is proposed to improve computational efficiency by using a coarse grid (each coarse point represents a subdomain) with effective permeability.
LBM dealers like Smith Phillips Building Supply have weathered economic storms with resilience and have adapted to ever-changing trends in housing, business management, environmental requirements and design trends, and have kept communities strong along the way.
The Ayala group sees LBM enabling Stream to better penetrate the UK as well as strengthen its ability to help customers grow their sales through LBM's revenue generation service offerings.
The Social Media Lab is based on the Genesys Social Engagement technology suite and is a fully operational environment that enables LBM to demonstrate and pilot social media campaigns by monitoring and responding to customer interactions across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
LBM originated from the lattice gas automata (LGA) method (Frisch et al.
WORCESTER - LBM Financial LLC of Marlboro and its president, Marcello M.