LBMPLinMin Bare Metal Provisioning
LBMPLocational Based Marginal Pricing
LBMPLoreto Bay Marine Park (California)
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CME Group (NYSE: CME), the world's largest and most diverse derivatives marketplace, has started trading and clearing services for three new NYISO five megawatt peak calendar month day-ahead LBMP swap options contracts.
Participants in EDRP receive payments based on their energy reduction: They receive the locational-based marginal price (LBMP) or, at the high end, S500/MWh for their curtailments.
Offers accepted by the NYISO are paid on the greater of the bid price or the day-ahead LBMP. If a customer fails to curtail its load, it will pay the higher of the day-ahead price or the real-time price for the amount of incomplete scheduled load reduction.