LBMSLuther Burbank Middle School (California)
LBMSLive Bird Market System
LBMSLaboratoire Brestois de Mécanique et des Systèmes (French: Brest Laboratory of Mechanics and Systems; Brest, France)
LBMSLong Beach Middle School (New York)
LBMSLake Butler Middle School (Florida)
LBMSLake Bluff Middle School (Lake Bluff, Illinois)
LBMSLaw Business Management System (Elegrity, Inc.)
LBMSLee Burneson Middle School (Westlake, OH)
LBMSLake Belton Middle School (Belton, TX)
LBMSLearmonth Burchette Management Systems (Houston, Texas)
LBMSLocation-Based Management System (Vico Software)
LBMSLondon Business and Management School (UK)
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Multiple poultry species and, for each poultry species, multiple breeds are offered for sale in LBMs in Bangladesh.
A cross-sectional study was conducted between November 2015 and March 2016 in backyard flocks and live bird markets (LBMs) in Kenya.
Examples of outcomes listed included decrease in denials when patients were placed in the appropriate level of care, 70% reduction in blood infections, improved room turnaround time, increase in nurse and patient satisfaction, reduction in ED and inpatient LOS, and improvements on LBMS rates from the ED.
"Thermal measurements on elastomeric materials on scales ranging from structural samples to microstructure," LBMS Ensta Bretagne, France;
The LBMS and other Libyan medical associations abroad have a national duty to bring the unity of Libyan doctors to life again.
Close to 60% of the school is involved in the production and it is the 74th anniversary of the first LBMS Musical.
A large variety of avian influenza viruses (AIVs) circulate in live bird markets (LBMs) in countries where highly pathogenic influenza A(H5N1) viruses are endemic (1).
On early release days from LBMS, the library offers games like "Exploding Kittens," "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes," "Settlers of Catan," "Taboo" and more.
Contract award notice: Aoo lbms 17s0617 benefits of maintenance of the green spaces on the departmental inheritance - revival of lot 4 sector of the calaisis - continuation to fruitless
For this study, we collected 648 samples from live-bird markets (LBMs) in Muse, Namkham, Laukkai, and Chinshwehaw, Shan State townships on the China-Myanmar border (online Technical Appendix 1,
Backyard poultry are a source for exposure to A(H5N1) virus, but this exposure has been reported less frequently among A(H7N9)-infected persons, whereas exposure to chickens (usually slower-growing yellow chickens or Silkie chickens) or environmental exposure in LBMs are the major risk factors for human A(H7N9) infection (4,14,25).