LBODLady Bullets or Die (sports cheer)
LBODLeft Bank Outfall Drainage
LBODLightning Breath of Death (gaming)
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Interestingly enough, a moot chaired by Syed Murad Shah in Karachi tasked Energy Minister Imitiaz Shaikh to talk to the management of the sugar mills which release their effluents in LBOD. The mills are required to install treatments plants so that the LBOD water is used for the power projects.
'I want them [sugar mills] to establish their treatment plants and release treated water into the LBOD,' he said and directed the energy minister to report him within 15 days.
Nawabshah [Pakistan], Jul 25 ( ANI ): Former Pakistan Prime President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday exercised his franchise at the Government Boys School in LBOD colony in Sindh's Nawabshah.
In Badin district, minimum population was observed from Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD).
quarters would be approached for granting of time scale promotions to Irrigation employees, appointment of employees' children under son quota, regularization of contract employees of LBOD and RBOD projects.
Under the agreement, concerned GoS Departments will be responsible to construct water supply infrastructure from the LBOD to Nabisar whereas EPTL will be responsible to establish the same after Vajihar.
The study was conducted in the command area of Heran distributary in Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) Stage-1 area in Sindh Pakistan.
The project also called Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD)1 was completed at the cost of millions of rupees but the local fishermen were not taken on board due to which a number of practical problems came to the fore later.
The first of the new oils is Globaltherm" PG, containing proypylene glycol, and intended for use in the lbod industry as an anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems and is regarded as safe by the US FDA for use as a direct and indirect food additive.
The credit for FO formation till 2000 goes to the 1WMI under the World Bank financed Left Bank Outfall Drain Project (LBOD) and the Directorate of OFWM (Agriculture Department, Government of Sindh) for their voluntary contributions.
"The second spell (between August 8-September 3) of heavy monsoon rains in Northern Punjab and Southern Sindh provinces, coupled with more breaches in canals and Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD), have caused colossal damage", according to a joint assessment of FAO and the Suparco.
Though there are a handful of other websites offering similar services, LBOD is different because it organizes music geographically.