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Almost a decade ago, BHP Billiton operated and produced coal in the region south of the LBPC tenement.
The LBPC tenement already has a Production License (IUP- Produksi) and WMN will focus on data reconciliation and verification prior to working on the mine planning and exploitation process aided by profile drilling.
Various factions in the LBPC will now have time to reach a consensus that commentators say will curb the leader's eagerness to plug the wealth gap between the poor majority of the country and the rich, who many Libyans say monopolise power and money.
LBPCs are Libya's most senior executive and legislative bodies, which vote on laws and government policy.
The LBPCs are the backbone of Libya's unique "Jamahiriya" - state of organised disorganisation - as they are effectively the country's top executive and legislative bodies.