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However, Ben Davis acknowledges asking whether Iden Cowan would sell her shares in Blue Canoe, and he acknowledges lending LBPC $150,000 to buy brewing and other equipment.
- LBPC has fulfilled all the criteria for clean and clear status, and will be included in the next round of clean and clear announcements by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia.
Almost a decade ago, BHP Billiton operated and produced coal in the region south of the LBPC tenement.
Various factions in the LBPC will now have time to reach a consensus that commentators say will curb the leader's eagerness to plug the wealth gap between the poor majority of the country and the rich, who many Libyans say monopolise power and money.
Only 64 of the 468 Basic People Congresses (LBPCs), or municipalities, voted for Gaddafi's plan to hand out the money now, while 251 endorsed the plan in principle "but asked for [it] to be delayed until appropriate measures were put in place".
The General People Congress (GPC), the umbrella body, is due to collect the LBPC decisions at the end of the debates and announce whether a majority backs Qadhafi's proposal, a foregone conclusion as his supporters dominate all levels of power.
The LBPCs are the backbone of Libya's unique "Jamahiriya" - state of organised disorganisation - as they are effectively the country's top executive and legislative bodies.