LBPDLong Beach Police Department (Long Beach, California)
LBPDLaguna Beach Police Department
LBPDLibrary for the Blind and Physically Disabled (Ann Arbor, MI)
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LBPD patients had longer duration of follow-up with mean of 24.5 months (SD [+ or -] 20.9), compared to 18.1 months (19.3) in non-LBD group, p < 0.05.
The results clearly showed that patients with LBPD (PD/PDD/DLB) performed poorly in "Sniffin Sticks" test and below the cutoff point of <7 for anosmia quoted in the normative dataset.
Prevalence of RBD was higher in LBPD group, 43 of 158 (or 27.2%, p < 0.05), even with MSA patients included in the non-LBPD group.
Unadjusted Odd Ratio in Association with LBPD Group.
We identified "Sniffin Sticks" score of <8 as the cutoff value for "hyposmia" to best differentiate LBPD from non-LBPD group, with sensitivity of 77.2% and specificity of 60.9, and correctly classifying 69.8% of the cases (Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) area under curve of 0.747, p < 0.05).
Adjusted Odds Ratios in Association with LBPD Group.
Standard criteria focus on motor signs and levodopa responsiveness; however our data provides support for the utilization of history and examination for nonmotor symptoms and signs to improve earlier clinical detection of LBPD and detection of these features are likely to influence treatment.
Constipation has been less commonly studied nonmotor symptom in PD yet in our study it appeared to be the most useful discriminating symptom to separate LBPD from other Parkinsonism disorders in the early stages of the disease.
Homicide detectives and the LA County District Attorney's Office are reviewing the video that captured limited portions of the incident, said a release issued by the LBPD.
According to the paper, the new HT units, which cost approximately $4,500 each, were purchased with a $35,000 LBPD grant.
The Long Beach Press Telegram said sergeant Ernie Kohagura noted that the department plans to place Long Beach city and LBPD logos on the HTs' carriers, as well as eventually modify them with red and blue police lights.