LBPSLender Business Process Services
LBPSLowland and Border Pipers Society (UK; est. 1983)
LBPSLong Branch Public Schools (New Jersey)
LBPSLow Back Pain with Sciatica
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It's a great opportunity to utilize our microbial capabilities in the highly attractive LBP industry whilst sticking to our strategy of not becoming a fully-fledged pharma company.
Many local texture descriptors have recently attracted great attention for FER, especially the LBP for both its computational simplicity and speed [4-5].
(i) WLBP [11] is the method fusing the variance of a local patch into LBP. The KNN classifier is employed for cloud classification based on the chi-square distance.
In this work, novel method of extracting sparse curvelet subband coefficients by incorporating the knowledge of irregular shape of masses as they appear in sparse matrix and calculating LBP features has been presented.
The LBPS clinic is not thought to have received a demand as yet.
The present study proposes to combine segmentation algorithms with information, given by the HT and LBPs, to improve efficiency of current segmentation techniques such as ASMs and LS.
The value of the quotient in (1) is rounded off to the nearest multiple of 3 because the local binary pattern (LBP) operator used in this study works on 3x3 pixel blocks.
The structures display the canonical active conformation, with helix H12 capping the ligand-binding pocket (LBP) and the SRC-1 peptide bound to the "AF-2 surface" formed by helices H3, H5, and H12 (Figure 4A).
LBPS: Historically the bicycle taxi business has been largely overlooked, and often criticized for its lack of organization.
(LBPS), Charlotte, North Carolina, "Lenders face an increasingly difficult operating environment marked by volatile rate fluctuations and significant margin pressures.
After 1940, lead-free latex paints became popular, resulting in decreased use of LBPs through the 1950's and 1960's.