LBQLearning by Questions (education application)
LBQLong Beach Queen Mary (Amtrak station code; Long Beach, CA)
LBQLesbian, Bisexual, Queer
LBQLanguage Background Questionnaire
LBQLate Breaking Question
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W celu weryfikacji hipotez 1 i 2 obliczono wspolczynniki korelacji miedzy poszczegolnymi skalami badanych zmiennych oraz ich wskaznikami globalnymi (sumy skal LBQ, WPEP i SPO).
All participants in the selected group completed the second burnout measure (LBQ) and questionnaires on individual characteristics.
A 26-storey residential building being developed by Sellar and REM acting on behalf of LBQ Fielden Ltd, a joint venture between the State of Qatar and Sellar, is scheduled for completion in 2018.
Concentrating on the LBQ girl in custody, current research also shows how girls regularly experience heteronormative policies and overall homophobia, from both staff and other inmates.
What institutional changes have occurred that affect such management and treatment of LBQ girls?
The Ljung-Box Q-statistics (LBQ), testing for autocorrelation of up to six lags, indicate serial correlation in growth for all three periods.
Del analisis de la prueba de estacionariedad obtenemos la estadistica Q de Ljung-Box para las variables numero de suicidios (LBQ = 178, 46; gl = 22; p< 0,01) y PIB (LBQ = 194, 906; gl = 22; p < 0,01) a partir de la cual se puede establecer que cada serie temporal es no estacionaria.
The combination of the demands of the LBQ financing and the slow-down in the business crushed its cash flow.
Kwestionariusz Wypalenia Zawodowego jest opracowana przez Jaworowska [17] polska adaptacja wloskiego kwestionariusza Link Burnout Questionnaire (LBQ) autorstwa Santinello.
The focus on HIV/ AIDS within syndemics literature, (24) and the exclusion of LBQ women from most HIV/AIDS research, may in part account for the exclusion of bisexual women in syndemics research.
The binary quasar, LBQS 1429-008, was discovered by Paul Hewett (Cambridge University, England) and his colleagues in 1989.
The images revealed a second, even fainter potential companion to LBQS 1429-008.