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LBRLiberia (ISO Country code)
LBRLibrary (File Name Extension)
LBRLilac Breasted Roller (bird)
LBRLamin B Receptor (cell biology)
LBRLibrary File
LBRLabel Bit Rate
LBRLandelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie (Dutch: National Bureau against Racial Discrimination)
LBRLow Bit Rate
LBRLegislative Budget Request
LBRLaser Beam Recorder
LBRLate Blight Resistant (agriculture)
LBRLord Blackthorn's Revenge (game)
LBRLondon Bridge Resort (Arizona)
LBRLoad Backrest (forklift dimension)
LBRLittle Boy's Room
LBRLoad Balanced Routing
LBRLowville and Beaver River (railroad)
LBRLimerock Bearing Ratio (technical specifications)
LBRLoad Balancing Router
LBRLocal Base Rescue
LBRLaser Beam Rider
LBRLoose Body Removal (surgery)
LBRLosers Beyond Repair
LBRLabel Bit Rate (Cisco)
LBRLoopback Request
LBRLow Burning Rate
LBRLet's Be Real (various applications)
LBRlow birth-rate
LBRLarge Business Remote
LBRLong Barreled Revolver
LBRLearn by Rote
LBRLow Band Radome (EA-6B program)
LBRLarge Breeder Reactor
LBRLazy Boy Recordz
LBRLigand-Binding Repeat
LBRLow Band Receiver
LBRLocal Bridge Replacement
LBRLoad Bearing Ratio
LBRLoyalty before Royalty
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Basal characteristics of the study groups Primary infertility (n=162) Age 30.53[+ or -]4.5 Duration of infertility 5.28[+ or -]3.54 Previous IVF failure number 27.8% (45/162) Spontaneous LBR after metroplasty 18.5% (30/162) IVF/ICSI LBR after metroplasty 20.4% (33/162) Spontaneous LBR after metroplasty with previous IVF failure 20% (9/45) Secondary infertility p (n=110) Age 30.41[+ or -]4.66 0.36 Duration of infertility 5.71[+ or -]3.93 0.84 Previous IVF failure number 24.5% (27/110) 0.57 Spontaneous LBR after metroplasty 33.6% (37/110) 0.004 IVF/ICSI LBR after metroplasty 21.8% (24/110) 0.19 Spontaneous LBR after metroplasty with previous IVF failure 22.2% (6/27) 0.52 IVF: In vitro fertilization, ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, LBR: Live birth rate Table 2.
(i) What is the optimum number of oocytes that is associated with the highest LBR? (ii) Is there a correlation between cohort size and embryo quality?
Since the maternal age is one of the most important factors for the CPR and LBR, and the aim of this study was analyzing the success rate of IUI between different ages, we did stratified analysis according to the different female ages [Figure 1].
The LBR protocol considers both the end-to-end reliability of routes and the load of each node when selecting a path between a source and a destination.
Ford Aerospace was teamed with its partner, Loral Systems, offering the LBR missile.
Lbr th Ww h It takes the number run from Welcome Break service sites to 26, and will open 365 days a year from 7am to 10pm.
The research was carried out in the Luki Biosphere Reserve (LBR) in the Mayombe forest located in the Bas-Congo province of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Canola (Brassica napus L.) seeds were sorted based on seed coat color into black (BL), dark brown (DBR) and light brown (LBR).
Singapore, Feb 8, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Scientists from Singapore and Germany have identified that the proteins lamin A (Lmna) and lamin B receptor (Lbr) are essential for holding silent genes in their correct position at the edge of the nucleus, in the form of heterochromatin(1).
A product of FHWA's Localized Bottle-neck Reduction (LBR) initiative, the document focuses on mitigating the operational causes of recurring spot-congestion and traffic bottlenecks at ramps, merges, lane drops, intersections, and weaves.
An area where this is highly questionable is duplication in local and state database subscriptions given that just two simple steps are needed lbr any Australian to obtain a free National Library card giving access to several hundred databases.
Dale's U19s have been d r a w n a g a i n s t Greenock and East Ki lbr ide in the group stages of t h e We s t e r n Union Indoor Super Eights to b e h e l d a t Hu t c h e s o n s A r e n a , Glasgow.