LBROLocal Better Regulation Office (UK)
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The LBRO - based in Birmingham - says that its brief is to "improve the way local regulation is delivered to ensure it results in the right outcomes for everyone - business, the general public and the environment."
"LBRO should be a key body that represents the needs and views of small businesses on red tape to local authorities to drive best practice."
Initially, businesses may find themselves having to engage in lengthy fact-finding exercises to assist a revamped and potentially over-zealous LBRO. Businesses will undoubtedly be more closely monitored by regulators under the guidance of the LBRO.
A new and improved LBRO will provide advice to central government on how regulations impact on local businesses.
The primary authority is registered with the LBRO. The function is to deliver regulatory advice and enforcement action to business/entities which operate across multiple authority sites.
One collaborative route is LBRO's Primary Authority Scheme, providing multi-site businesses with one point of contact for consistent regulatory advice and support.
LBRO was set up by the Better Regulation Executive (part of the Business, Innovation and Skills Department) to deliver prosperity and protection by helping to make it easier for councils to advise on and apply the rules and simpler for businesses to understand them.
Graham Russell, Chief Executive, LBRO The Axis Holliday Street Birmingham
While some big regulatory bugbears (such as the planning system) are not picked up by the LBRO, these may follow at a later date if the LBRO proves its worth.
The LBRO brief is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which regulations are enforced.