LBSPLoktantrik Bahujan Samaj Party (India)
LBSPLiquor Board Superannuation Plan (Saskatchewan, Canada)
LBSPLower-Body Suction Pressure
LBSPLower Body Subatmospheric Pressure
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The [Q.sub.U] includes the UID (User ID), the specific location [l.sub.u], the privacy protection requirement k, and the query content con, The anonymizer then sends the processed request [Q.sub.A] to the LBSPs. [Q.sub.A] includes randomly generated query requests for k dummies locations.
First, user's actual location which is contained in the query request is generalized into grid id, and the user's grid region is matched to another region by a dynamic matching algorithm, so that double cloaking regions are formed by considering that the attacker has a background of the number of historical queries; second, k fixed dummy positions are generated in double cloaking regions to achieve k-anonymous requirements by the proposed dummies generation algorithm; and, finally, the queries in dummy positions of double cloaking regions are sent to LBSPs and the candidate results are filtered and sent back to the user.
K-anonymity requires that when a user sends a location request data to a LBSPs, the cloaking region in which a query user is located must contain at least the other k - 1 users, so that the probability that the location query user is identified does not exceed 1/k.
It is a non-profitable, non-commercial, non-religious and non-political society and operates In whole of Pakistan LBSP is the sole representative of almost all the stake holders in lubricant business that includes lube base oil refinery, lubricant blenders, lubricant marketing companies (OMC,MNO CS), importers of recognized brands lube reclamation plants.
LBSP has made several proposals to the relevant governments and authorities for consideration; few of them are as follows;
By the grace of ALLAH, LBSP is persistently progressing towards achieving ever-higher targets and expected to become more resourceful and vibrant in achieving its AIMS & OBJECTIVES.
While these numbers are impressive, Earl Blanche Jr., Director, Appeals, LBSP, is looking for ways to improve these statistics.
Appeals, LBSP wanted to design a process that would retain the existing controls and provide additional controls to assist with the settlement process for high-impact and complex issues.
"Push" is a process that requires Area Directors to report to the Director, Appeals, LBSP on the status of all cases that have been open for more than 72 months.
At that time Riverside Park included uplands on the west side of the present day LBSP and baseball fields adjacent to Lakeland Drive.
Although LBSP is only two miles northeast of the Old Capitol Museum, the lands surrounding the park remained relatively rural, as a 1938 photo indicates.
* Secretary General Lubricant Business Society of Pakistan (LBSP)