LBTILarge Binocular Telescope Interferometer
LBTILeft Belt Tensioner Igniter
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Combining the results for the QFT-G assay and the TST in the current study increased the overall sensitivity for detection of LBTI among the culture-confirmed TB-infected control group.
The LBTI was designed to pave the way for NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission.
The LBTI will have 10 times the resolution of Hubble's near-infrared NICMOS camera, which has been used to look for substellar companions.
However, experience from trials may not translate to all clinical practice settings, and it may be prudent to use 9 months of daily INH for treatment of HIV-infected persons with LBTI [latent TB infection] when completion of treatment can be assured."
Comparing LBTI of both parts after 12-min cure time makes the improvement more obvious.
Vacuum molding may give better LBTI at full cure due to the reduced oxygen environment inside the evacuated mold during the heat cycle.
tuberculosis go on to develop active TB, while the rest have latent TB infection, recently redefined as 'lasting tuberculosis immune responses' or LBTI, and are at risk for developing active TB at any time.