LBTSLitchfield by the Sea (South Carolina)
LBTSLauderdale-by-the-Sea (Florida)
LBTSLilian Baylis Technology School (London)
LBTSLand-Based Test Site
LBTSLiberty Baptist Theological Seminary
LBTSLower Bound on Time Stamp
LBTSLarge Blast Thermal Simulator
LBTSLondon Boroughs Transport Scheme (UK)
LBTSLongitudinal Balance Test Set
LBTSLong Baseline Tracking System
LBTSLouisiana Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisiana Baptist University)
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Current clinical guidelines recommend a clarithromycin-containing standard triple therapy (STT) as the first-line treatment and a bismuth-containing quadruple therapy (BCQT) or levofloxacin-based therapy (LBT) as the second-line treatment after failure of the STT [1, 2].
Buffalo Bore's 340 LBT at 1,260 fps is a mite harder to handle, but still stays at the 2" mark.
LBT at a muzzle velocity of 1,006 fps, and the .480 Ruger with a 370 LBT gr.
The Scioto Activated Bacterial Therapeutic Platform has the potential to enhance efficacy wherever LBTs are used such as diabetes, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal health, alternatives to in-feed antibiotics (in livestock) and others.
GVT is not only required for optimistic algorithm but it can also be used in few variants of conservative protocols, such as the conditional event approach (23) and the LBTS approach (24), which largely depend on the amount of Lookahead (we refer this to L value), that also need to compute LBTS which computationally is equivalent to GVT (18).
The buses will benefit our customers and all the communities we serve by reducing LBTs daily carbon emissions by thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide, and by lessening noise pollution.
Design, manufacture, delivery, installation, testing, training, commissioning and maintenance during commissioning of the system beam delivery laser (lbds), composed of transport system of laser beams (lbts) and interaction chamber ( ics).
Transport System of High Power Laser beams (LBTS) (2 x 10 PW) from the exit compressors cameras temporal interaction of the experimental research facility ELI-NP 2.
Tenders are invited for Laser Beam Delivery System (Lbts) High Power (2 X 10 Pw) From the Output Compressors Time to Boards of Experimental Area Interactive Research Facility Eli-Np
The lead behavior therapist (LBT) is the third level of staff at APS.