LBULoopback Unit
LBULebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
LBULouisiana Baptist University
LBULigne Budgétaire Unique (French foreign territories policy)
LBULabuan, Sabah, Malaysia (Airport Code)
LBULinebacker University
LBULocal Business Unit (Italy)
LBULondon Black-Up
LBULiberty Union Party
LBULauncher Booster Unit
LBULegacy Broadband Upgrades (Ciena)
LBULeaflet Bomb Unit
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Baru said the final decision will be made at the end of this month on whether the Works Ministry should take over the highway project from LBU.
Then, MN can register with NAR and send the LBU message to NARs.
"I, on behalf of LBU, would like to welcome you to LBU and express heartfelt gratitude for your visiting LBU today."
Mean fecal coliform CFUs concentrations ranged from about 100 (C) to nearly 36,000 (LBU) CFUs per 100 mL (Table 3).
'LBU Onyx' and 'JBU Opal' were delivered to WAM by Euroceanica in September
R e le a s e d in 1990, i t is widely regarded as one of the all-time great hip h o p a lbu m s an d wa s nom ina t ed for a G rammy in 1991.
* Luego el nodo movil debe enviar mensajes locales de actualizacion y registro Local Binding Update (LBU) hacia el MAP2, indicando el enlace entre la RCoA y la LCoA.
culpaeus Componentes variable I II LCB 0.933 -0.132 DP 0.942 -0.122 LMR 0.940 -0.019 LF 0.925 -0.076 LBU 0.714 0.391 LCMS 0.910 -0.040 LPM4-M2 0.897 0.145 AMR 0.756 -0.192 ALC 0.645 0.263 Ci 0.769 -0.360 CP 0.374 0.420 ARC 0.844 -0.140 AR1MS 0.838 -0.177 AZI 0.757 -0.441 AMS 0.866 -0.020 AC 0.290 0.499 ACO 0.798 0.008 APP 0.787 0.206 LPM4 0.860 0.170 APM4 0.897 -0.124 LMi1 0.719 0.257 AMi1 0.327 0.419 ARPMS2-PMS3 0.669 -0.476 LM 0.928 -0.066 LCDi 0.751 0.153 0.822 0.316 % varianza 62.11 6.93 Fig.
LBu ([X.sub.b], t) = [g.sub.b] ([X.sub.b], t), b = 1,2, t [member of] (0,T) (3)
* You lbu cannot get HIV from being coughed or sneezed on by a person with HIV/AIDS.
Pestryi shlagbaum prinial kakoi-to neopredelennyi tsvet; usy u stoiavshego na chasakh soldata kazalis' na lbu i gorazdo vyshe glaz, a nosa kak budto ne bylo vovse." N.