LBUSLucian Blaga University Sibiu (Romania)
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The LBUS protocol, in particular, allows for the Master Grips or the OCU-1 to be connected to the DEH-1 with just one cable, allowing easy setup.
The DEH-1 also connects directly to the SRH-3's remote control, with a single LBUS cable.
Radiant said that according to its orders received, the firm's shipments of LED LBUs would continue to increase, especially shipments to American tablet PC and Korean LCD TV/notebook PC clients.
Then, MN can register with NAR and send the LBU message to NARs.
The enhanced macro handover procedure starts by MN obtaining new LCoA and RCoA, then [MAP.sub.N] receives LBU message to bind the MN's LCoA with RCoA.