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LBVLate Bottled Vintage (port wine)
LBVLake Buena Vista
LBVLoad Bearing Vest
LBVLibreville, Gabon - Libreville (Airport Code)
LBVLuminous Blue Variable (type of star)
LBVLa Bella Vita (various locations)
LBVLegião da Boa Vontade (Brazil)
LBVLittle Benthic Vehicle (deep-sea remote vehicle)
LBVLandesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung (Germany)
LBVLaminar Burning Velocity (fuel blends)
LBVLatin Ballet of Virginia (Richmond, VA)
LBVLes Bouchers Verts (French: The Green Butchers)
LBVLine Block Valve
LBVLanding Barge, Vehicle (US Navy)
LBVLow Bandwidth Video
LBVLiechtensteiner Bogensport Verband (German: Liechtenstein Archery Association; Liechtenstein)
LBVLow Biological Value
LBVLewy Body Variant (of Alzheimer's disease)
LBVLeft Barrel Valve
LBVLung Blood Volume
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There are many methods used for determining the LBV in the literature; each method has its difficulties and limitation as described by Egolfopoulos et al.
tested (%) 90/789 (11.4) 71/789 (9) Virus strains Bat species (no.captured) EBLV-1 LBV Microchiropteran 0 Aselliscus stoliczkanus (45) 1 0 Hipposideros alongensis sungi (19) 2 0 Hipposideros armiger (11) 3 0 Hipposideros larvatus (138) 53 0 Hypsugo sp.
1 egg = 7.0 grams protein 3 ounces fish = 21.0 grams protein 3 ounces chicken = 21.0 grams protein 2 ounces beef = 14.0 grams protein Total 63.0 grams protein A possible combination of foods for the remaining 35 grams of LBV protein is:
"However, we're already introducing G-Porto (particularly the special categories--10-year-old tawny, LBV and vintage) in restaurants and bars."
These data, in turn, led to new estimates of LBV 1806-20's properties.
Other features include demos that show how to protect web pages with biometric authentication and LBV compatibility making it easy to integrate biometric systems to other applications such as voicemail.
Product changes can be made in a very short time on the LBV 1 and maintenance work is carried out by an Optima service person once a year.
where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is the variance among demes in the LBV of an individual, [p.sub.n] is the probability of the nth genotype, and [q.sub.i] is the probability of the ith deme, [] is the expected LBV of the nth genotype in the ith deme, and [A.sub..n] is the expected mean LBV of the nth genotype averaged across all demes.
The genus Lyssavirus comprises at least 2 phylogroups: phylogroup I (RABV, DUVV, EBLV1-2, ABLV, ARAV, IRKV, BBLV, KHUV) and phylogroup II (LBV, MOKV, and SHIBV).
Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port (PS10 at Tesco instead of PS14 until January 1) LBV has the same start point as the much grander vintage port but stays in cask for 4-6 years (instead of two) - making it ready to drink as soon as it is bottled.
Late Bottle Vintage Port (LBV) is usually a significant step up in quality.
Puddings will be accompanied by dessert wine with a locally sourced cheeseboard to follow and a glass of Porta Poca LBV Port, finishing with fair-trade tea and coffee.