LBWBLandelijke Bond Waterrecreatie Beoefening Motoryachting (Dutch: Rural Federal Water Recreation Motor Yachting Association; Oudenaarde, Belgium)
LBWBLow Birth Weight Birth
LBWBLow Birth Weight Babies
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In liquid broth medium, the bacterial isolates with phytase activities were cultivated in 50 mL LBWB broth medium in 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks.
All the isolates were grown on LBWB agar medium and 20 isolates out of 50 grow well on the previous medium hydrolyzing the phytic material by phytase, which was detected as pale clear zone around the colony (Fig.
In solid LBWB agar medium containing wheat bran as inducer, all Actinomycete isolates were screened for phytase production.