LBWILow Birth Weight Infants
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CS: Cesarean section EFW: Estimated fetal weight GA: Gestational age HC: Head circumference IUGR: Intrauterine growth restriction L: Length LBWI: Low birth weight infants NIDCAP: Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program NICU: Newborn Intensive Care Unit PROM: Premature rupture of the membrane SGA: Small for gestational age VD: Vaginal delivery VLBW: Very low birth weight W: Weight.
The case fatality rate of low birth weight infant (LBWI) is up to 15%~30%.2,3 Part of infantile patients have unfavorable prognosis.
Introduction: Periventricular-intraventricular (PV) haemorrhage is the most common, well-known acute perinatal brain injury in low birth weight infants (LBWI).