LBWLLansing Board of Water & Light (Lansing, Michigan)
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Under the agreement, LBWL is further required to achieve a combined renewable energy-energy efficiency goal of 30 percent of their total retail sales by December 31, 2020, and 35 percent by December 31, 2025.
This settlement clears the way for Lansing and LBWL to live up to their potential to be Michigans leading city in reaching clean energy and climate goals in coming decades, said Anne Woiwode, Michigan Sierra Club volunteer leader.
We are pleased to reach this agreement with LBWL, which will help meet Mayor Virg Berneros commitment to climate action consistent with the Paris climate accord.
The 100% renewable proposal (72% support) and the Lansing Board of Water and Lights proposal (68% support) are equally well-supported at the broadest level, but only 32% strongly support the LBWL proposal, while 47% strongly support the 100% renewable proposal.
Pitted against each other, the 100% renewable proposal comes out on top by a solid margin (51% support 100% renewable/32% support LBWL).