LBWTLine-Based Wavelet Transform
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Income and LBWT Income has a significant and curvilinear relationship with the probability of LBWT (see model 1, Table 2; and "unadjusted" in Figure 1).
Occupational Grade and LBWT Occupation grade has a marginally significant effect on the probability of being born LBWT (model 3, Table 2) although this effect works largely through improved income status within families (model 4, Table 2).
However, none of these indicators of income inequality yielded significant state-level effects on the LBWT models.
Given that WIC is a means-tested program requiting both income and nutritional deficiencies for qualification, plotting income only among those for whom it is plausible to have received WIC (observations with incomes below the 50th percentile) may indicate that WIC has the ability to partially stave off the deleterious effects of poverty on LBWT.