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LBXLittle Battlers Experience (gaming)
LBXLow Bandwidth X (compression and caching scheme)
LBXLocal Bus Accelerator
LBXLock Box (various companies)
LBXLink-Belt Excavators (Lexington, KY)
LBXLocal Bus Accelerator (computer hardware)
LBXLetterbox Format
LBXLubang, Philippines (Airport Code)
LBXLead by Example (also seen as LBE)
LBXLaser Beam Expander (optics)
LBXLocation Based Exchange (mobile data)
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Prior to launching LBx, Leger noted a rising interest in location at her second gig as president and founder of market intelligence and strategy advisory firm ITF Advisors.
Following numerous blueprint revisions and internal meetings, LBX chose a final drawing and utilized a bid process for its communication needs.
The company has 220,000 customer accounts and is scheduled to start trading at the LBX by the end of the year.
To solve the problem of efficient X-Window use at lower bandwidth, the X consortium is sponsoring a "Low Bandwidth X" (LBX) working group to investigate new methods of lowering bandwidth.
Previously Heather worked at LBX Company for 8 years as Senior Accountant and while employed there implemented TrinDocs, overseeing the entire project.
LBX Ritmo America LLC Smith Trenching USA Breakers & Attachments Vactor Manufacturing Volvo Construction Equipment NA Wagner Equipment Co.
(847) 970-5815 Kubota Tractor Corp., Torrance, CA (310) 370-3370 LBX Co.
"You've seen an increase; you saw very few a decade ago," says Scott Sutherland, excavator product manager at LBX Co., the Lexington, Ky.-based maker of Link-Belt equipment, which makes tracked material handlers.
Scheduled to start trading by the end of the year, the LBX will provide the region's small and medium-sized enterprises with a means of bridging the equity gap of pounds 500,000 to pounds 5 million.
For example, Districts 1 and 2 of the Henderson County Drainage District, Henderson County, Illinois, recently had to decide to either buy or rent a Link-Belt (LBX Company, LLC, Lexington, Kentucky) long front hydraulic excavator, which was at the time being rented by District 1.