LC-NMRLiquid Chromatography with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
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Generally, LC-NMR is limited by the availability of solvents in "LC-NMR" purity grade [27].
[27] On-Line LC-NMR and Related Techniques, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK, 2002, edited by K.
The Capillary LC-NMR system integrates the proprietary AVANCE NMR spectrometer with the Protasis/MRM probe, and the Waters CapLC System, with output connected directly to NMR.
The company also introduced its first cryogenic flow-injection NMR probe for LC-NMR and LC-SPE-NMR.
Like cryogenic probes, LC-NMR is not a brand new technique but its refinements and new product introductions continue to raise the stakes in the marketplace.
One of the latest additions to the market is Bruker BioSpin's Capillary LC-NMR combining Bruker's AVANCE NMR, Waters' Cap LC System and the Protasis/MRM CapNMR probe.
In LC-NMR, a mixture is first separated by chromatography and, rather than collecting individual fractions, the separated components are transferred directly into the NMR probe or stored in a sample loop for later NMR analysis.
Flow NMR Technology Microflow Probe technology is key to both direct-injection NMR and LC-NMR. It allows liquid samples to flow directly from sample transport systems into the NMR probe, without the use of expensive sample tubes.
"You might speculate that LC-NMR today is in the position that LC-MS was in ten years ago."