LCAALegato Certified Availability Administrator (job title)
LCAALivestock Center Auction Arena (National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO)
LCAALake Community Action Agency
LCAALong Chain Alkylamine Amine
LCAALocal Competitive Athletic Association
LCAALong Chain Aliphatic Alcohols
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From 2015 through 2017, the LCAA and assessors have spent over $38,000 of taxpayers' money to pay for attorneys and court costs.
In this context, LCAA started dealing with the European Commission.
The problem lies with the Libyan Civil Aviation Authorities (LCAA) as acknowledged by the Libyan Minister of Transport and the ECASC.
The Libyan Transport Minister's abstention order should be revoked, and the Grip of the Transport Minister on the LCAA and airlines should be loosened and the LAW applied.
Services between the US and Liberia could begin in autumn 2010 after TSA and LCAA worked together to implement security protocols for sustainable aviation security institutions and practises which were developed after the signing of a Joint Statement of Intent in 2009 by both organisations.
Nuquay is a professional manager, capable of steering the affairs of the LCAA.
The weather forecast department of the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) at the Rafik Hariri International Airport predicted continued high temperatures on Tuesday with a noticeable drop in temperature on Wednesday.
Phase 2: - Submit the selected material candidates passivated using both nitric as well as citric acid routes to a series of laboratory testing including: - Compare all results with the two materials systems as well as the performed LCAa s.
The Daily Star reported earlier that companies seeking licenses to charter flights from abroad were directed by the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) to seek permission from MEA, which first asked for a $2 million royalty and then denied the application.
But, the policy achieved near-consensus support and was promoted vigorously by the LCAA.